App developers like Android emulators, as they are useful in testing out apps and finding out how they work. Gamers who like the old saying of mouse and keyboard gaming can download the Android emulator for themselves.

If you own a Mac computer, many of these emulators are compatible with them.

How To Find The Right Emulator To Use

In your search for an emulator, you’ll notice that just how many there really are – so many, that you can get confused in picking the one right for you. Bear in mind that even if you choose wrong, most of them are free. What’s going to affect your decision is the specifications of your laptop or PC. A PC that’s got a powerful processed and a lot of RAM will perform better.

5 Highly Known Emulators Chosen Based On 4 Specifications

The emulators listed below were chosen based on five specs:

  • User-friendly interface
  • Performance
  • Smoothness
  • Speed


This is a free emulator that works best for programs and apps. It was created to run games, apps and home screen launches on the PC rather than a smartphone. The emulator also provides root access to its users. The Andy emulator was designed to work with Mac and Windows PCs.

BlueStacks 3

When it comes to popularity, the BlueStacks emulator takes the top spot, as it comes with an array of features for Mac and Windows computers. Gamers love it for the various options it comes with.

A newer BlueStacks is being released this year – BlackStacks 3. This emulator will include more add-ons like allowing a person to launch more than one version at one time or playing more than one game simultaneously. It also comes with key-mapping.

BlueStacks, which was founded in 2009, creates cloud-based products as well.

There is a paid premium version to BlackStacks, which comes with better support and quicker gameplay. It’s a $2 a month subscription that lets people test out most of the games in the Google Play Store.


This is a particularly new emulator that has two versions – Lollipop and Jelly Bean. After the free trial of both is over, people could expect to pay $10 for Jelly Bean and $15 for Lollipop.

Developers like both emulators for their app testing, but for office programs, productivity use, etc. There are multiple versions out there, and you can try them both for free with any Windows-running device.

KoPlayer Android

This is the preferred gaming emulator because it’s got features that others seem to lack. It’s easy to download and install and doesn’t come with a fee. While it’s a good program, it does have its problems according to some users.


Many people recommend using the free-to-use MEmu emulator because of the plethora of features for testing games and apps. It works on the Jelly Bean, Lollipop and KitKat versions, and is compatible with AMD and Intel processors. What makes it a better choice is that there are not a lot of emulators that are compatible with the Lollipop.

Users can also operate two apps simultaneously, boosting a person’s productivity.

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