While Yahoo Messenger has been around for a long time, Skype has become a new favorite, particularly when it comes to flexibility and connectivity. However, in a recent development, Yahoo has also added some functionality such as the ability to make voice calls to landlines and mobile devices similar to that of Skype’s.

So, which Internet messaging service can pull it off when it comes to user satisfaction? Here are a number of points that might help you ponder on which one between Yahoo Messenger and Skype can get on top of the heap in a clash of two giants in the industry.

Basically, both have the ability to have PC-to-PC and PC-to-phone calling service. But, Yahoo is considered the veteran here in terms of instant messenger software and service. Skype, on the other hand, was only around for a number of years, but it is dominant in terms of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) calling service.

The App

Yahoo has added some new features to its social networking service namely voice chatting. Skype has also added some complementary features for social networking and chatting, aside from being a VoIP application.

Skype works as a relatively lighter and more compact softphone client with a basic chat engine and simple features. Thus, it makes Skype faster than Yahoo. On the other hand, Yahoo has tried to do many things in a single app. In fact, its chat engine has so many features, like audibles, emoticons, chatting backgrounds, and IMVironment, among others. These make the app heavy on resources and cluttered at the same time.


Yahoo might dominate in this category, because it offers better rates in comparison to Skype. With local and international calling via PC-to-phone, it only costs 1 cent per minute for calls in popular destinations.

Skype practically has higher rates due to the service fee being charged to the clients. Take note that Yahoo rates in terms of include VAT are charged in US dollars, while Skype rates on exclude VAT are charged in Euros.

Voice Quality

Skype has better voice quality with enhancements for better video and voice quality at lower bandwidth via revised codecs. Yahoo may have good quality for necessary conditions, which include sufficient bandwidth, but in many cases video and voice quality might suffer.

Social Networking

While Skype is more focused on targeted calling, Yahoo is focused on meeting people with chat rooms full of voice chatting facilities. Yahoo is still one of the very rare services that allow public chatting. Despite the fact that these chat rooms are mostly boring, unethical, and dangerous, a lot of people still find it useful to some extent. However, in terms of business, Skype might be better than Yahoo.

Overall, if you are looking for good video and voice calling service, Skype is your answer. But, if you are searching for good social networking service, Yahoo serves you well. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean that you can’t keep both accounts active now, right?

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