WhatsApp Web is a web application that allows you to access all your WhatsApp chats, as well as send and receive messages. You will need a smartphone with Internet connection in order to log in to WhatsApp Web.

Since it is a web app, you do not need to update it yourself because it updates automatically. Recently WhatsApp Web reached version 0.2.7304, and this update came with some important changes and additions. In order to make sure that you have the latest version and you can access these changes you should clear your cache.

Business accounts

WhatsApp already announced its Business app that will allow business owners to create accounts for work purposes. It appears that WhatsApp Web will also pay attention to businesses, and the latest update came with some changes that focus on them. As it turns out, WhatsApp Web will work for both WhatsApp Business and the regular WhatsApp.

The web app shows verified the business. If a WhatsApp account Is owned by an actual business, that account will be verified and a green checkmark badge will appear in its profile. If an account has not been verified or confirmed yet by WhatsApp, a grey question mark badge will show up in its profile.

Finally, if business accounts only has a phone number that is confirmed, a grey checkmark badge will appear on its profile.

New set of emoji

WhatsApp Web version 0.2.7304 also brings a new set of emoji. The new emojis are available only for WhatsApp Web with an Android or Windows Phone. So far, iOS users have not received the new emoji set.

That is because the new emojis are based on the Unicode design, but WhatsApp does not plan to change the new design for iOS users.

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