A lot of people around the world have used both Skype and WhatsApp when making voice calls. However, it is in the quality of the voice call where the two apps differ from each other. Thus, it has come to the attention of users about which app would give them a worthwhile experience. Here are some of the main points that would differentiate one from the other.

Basically, Skype is an app that would provide users with the ability to make a conversation with anyone around the world. In fact, many individuals and businesses use Skype to make free voice and video 1-to-1 or group calls, send instant messages or share files with others. You can enjoy using Skype via computer, mobile device, or tablet.

On the other hand, you have WhatsApp, which is a messenger app that you can download for free. You need to have an Internet connection if you want to send messages, audio, video, and photos to your contacts using the same app.

Mobility Features

Skype can be used mainly on the computer, but it can also be used for making calls on smartphones. But, Skype has been lagging behind when communications have shifted from desktops to mobile applications. Moreover, it had some limitations, which wasn’t ideal for other platforms like the Blackberry. Skype might be great only for people who want to enjoy greater quality, features, stability in their communication. However, WhatsApp is more ideal for mobile users.

Call Quality

When it comes to voice quality, WhatsApp is decent enough, but many users complained about dropped calls and echoes. Skype, for that matter, is considered one of the best that you can use in the VoIP market. This is because it has its very own codec that encodes calls, maintaining a great service. Moreover, it offers HD voice, so you surely would enjoy great quality calls than WhatsApp can offer.

Ease of Access

Skype uses the registered name of the person in order to make a conversation. So, it requires prior sharing that should have taken place before making calls. Moreover, it uses nicknames to be able to identify users. WhatsApp, however, uses the phone numbers only, within which the elements of the mobile communication revolve. Thus, you can easily contact a person that is in your contact list. It doesn’t require you to know his or her ID or even prior sharing of details. This makes WhatsApp a better choice when you talk about ease of access.

Both WhatsApp and Skype provide free and unlimited voice call features. At the same time, both of them are free to install. However, it matters when it comes to data consumption. Skype’s excellent voice quality comes with higher data usage. It charges more than a minute of call with Skype, while WhatsApp charges for exactly 1 minute.

The data consumption of Skype will be higher than WhatsApp if you will be using a 3G or 4G connectivity on a data plan as you would talk on the go.

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