Facebook-owned WhatsApp has released a new version for Android: WhatsApp Beta version 2.17.430. The release was made for its Google Play channel and the update includes several new features and fixes. The most important one is “Restricted groups”.

Restricted groups by WhatsApp Beta 2.17.430

This new feature allows only the group administrators disable the chat for all the non-administrators from the group. Restricted groups feature was firstly reported on the iOS beta version and now it is also available for Android.

If administrators decide to disable the chat conversation for a non-admin group member, the later can perform limited operations: read messages, mute the group and send messages to the group administrator.

When a non-administrator sends a message to the administrator, the app will send the message as a “Reply” from the group. Group administrators can restrict the group once every 72 hours.

A new iOS version was also released

A new WhatsApp version for iOS has been released a couple of days ago and it allows user to play YouTube video while using the messaging app. Another addition is the permission it gives users to navigate to another chat while watching a YouTube video.

iOS WhatsApp users can also record long messages easier by swiping up to lock recording and thus continuing without the need of holding their finger on the recording button.

WhatsApp is also planning of adding new features in future updates, including one which helps users switch from voice to video faster while the all is in progress. Another feature which could be added soon would allow users to directly mute a video.

The freeware instant messaging platform has become one of the most popular worldwide and it has continuously sleeked to improve the services provided.

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