With the Advent of 4K TVs have started a rise in movies being shot and remastered to fit a 4K specifications. With newer movies being shot in 4K by default now, 4K televisions will soon be the default for all televisions a few years from now. If you don’t believe it, then try to recall that a few years back televisions where big boxes and flat screens, if not unheard of, are rarity.

With the 4K televisions slowly flooding the market, Internet streaming TV boxes that have enhanced support for 4K resolutions and HDR videos also entered the market. And right now there are a couple of brands that are vying for the top spot of being the best of its kind.

The Top 4K TV Boxes

Unlike laptops, mobile phones, and other gadgets, due to the 4K format still being relatively young in the market there are no gadgets yet that can safely claim for that they are the best. However, there are certainly the top contenders which include Apple TV, Roku Ultra, Amazon Fire, and Google Chromecast.

Microsoft even has its own Xbox One S, which is a gaming device but is able to function like a TV box being able to stream movies and videos from the Internet. Three of these brands are from the top three tech companies of the current information age (Apple, Amazon, and Google), but Roku is also a contender not to be underestimated.

Apple TV 4K

This is a reboot of Apple’s TV Box, the new Apple TV 4K was recently updated to support 4K and HDR videos. The tech company also boosted the speed and power of the processor for their TV box.

With it you can install some apps that you might have some great uses for like an exercise app that can help you exercise when you don’t want to watch movies but want to break a sweat instead. The best feature that Apple offers is their A.I. Siri which greatly improves the user experience. Even if you are not an Apple user, Siri can be easily learned and used to help you navigate through their TV box faster.

Roku Ultra

Available at $99.99, it is a cheaper alternative that offers as much features as the Apple TV offers. Although it does not have a smart Assistant like Siri, users of Roku report a comparable ease when using the TV box. It has voice control using the remote that comes with the box where you can speak shortcut commands when using the TV box.

Which Is Better Between The Two?

If you are looking for the something that gets the job done without spending an extra dime, then you can settle for the Roku Ultra TV box which offers almost all the features that Apple TV box offers. Most user report that they are happy with the Roku TV box being able to deliver their TV streaming needs.

However, if you are an Apple user you would be pleased to know that Apple’s recent updates have improved their take on the TV box that is again worthy of the Apple logo that in the past have time and again impressed tech communities around the world.

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