Out Of Court Settlement

If you want to go on a single mission on GTA 5 Online, then you should begin with the “Out of Court Settlement”. The objective of the mission is to take out the lawyer, then steal the evidence, and finally deliver the evidence to the house of Madrazo. If you are going to play this mission, make sure that you keep the mod version of Felon GT, which could help you earn on the sideline for $22,000.

Crystal Clear Out

This mission requires you to rob the cocaine from a rival gang situated at the pier of the Alamo Sea’s north shore. Around 15 goons with boats, but 4 more enemy cars would come to kill the team, when the cocaine has been recovered. But the team has to bring the merchandise to the trailer of Trevor in order to complete the job. The objectives of the mission would include going to the factory, then stealing the coke, and finally bringing it to the trailer. Aside from being an easy mission, it is also a lot of fun.

A Titan Of The Job

The Titan is a plane kept by the Merryweather security located in Los Santos International Airport. The mission is to get the Titan and offer it to interested parties who will pay a huge amount of money for it. If you are unable to take off right after activating the plane, you will be pursued by 3 teams of Merryweather security, leading to the mission’s failure. All you need to ensure is to fulfill the objectives of the mission, which is to steal the Titan and then deliver it to Sandy Shores Airfield.

San Andreas Seoul

The mission is to follow Lamar’s request to have the tanker delivered to Murrieta Heights. Due to the irritating gas prices around the state, he aimed to steal a tanker filled with gasoline to be brought to him. The gas station is located at Little Seoul, which the team will steal the tank, as they will earn 2-stars wanted level. The objectives begin with stealing the tanker, delivering it, losing the police, and then delivering it to the depot. This is also among the easiest missions that should also be a lot of fun.

High Priority Case

If you are looking for an easy mission to play in GTA 5 Online, try playing the mission that surrounds an important briefcase. This contains the security system plans exchange, which takes place above the Mile High Club construction site. After collecting the briefcase, the team should deliver it to the warehouse of Lester in Murrieta Heights. This part is among the easiest missions in GTA 5 Online, which include stealing the briefcase and delivering it to the warehouse.

GTA 5 Online solo missions are special types of gameplay that require you to complete objectives. Missions would be delivered through text or a specific employer which you can replay through a menu of installed missions.

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