The new iOS 11 came with a lot of features and goodies that introduced users of iPhones and iPads to a new experience. It brings a lot of interesting stuff to iPads, but the iPhones also get some love.

Let’s check out some tips and tricks you could try on your new iOS and make your devices better.

  1. Control Center Customization

Go to Settings -> Control Center -> Customize Controls and try to change the way it looks by adding links to alarms, and other favorite actions (such as Apple TV remote).

  1. Join the Dark Side

Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Display Accommodations -> Invert Colors -> switch on Smart Invert to make iOS 11 darker.

  1. Fix Photos

Go to ‘Live Photo’ and tap on the ‘Edit’ button to fix you photos and add a frame of your own liking.

  1. Open Apps With Tap and Drag

Multitasking has never been easier in iOS 11. Need to check your messages? Then swipe up from the bottom of the screen and it will open the dock. Press and hold the icon for Messages and drag the icon to the side of the screen. A narrow window will open and you can read or send messages and still have the other app opened.

  1. Increase Storage Space

The new photos and videos you take come in efficient formats to save some space. But you can also do that by syncing Messages to iCloud: Settings -> Messages -> Messages on iCloud.

Offloading apps is also a good idea when you want to delete apps but still keep the data inside iCloud. You can find this option in Settings, for the iCloud Storage.

  1. Block FaceTime Photos

If you don’t want others to take photos of you while you’re on FaceTime, you can disable the ‘Live Photo’ option from Settings -> FaceTime

  1. Track Flights

This is a great way to be on time and get friends or family from the airport. All you need is the flight number, which you can add in the Safari address bar. You’ll see status, flight time and more details, and a real-time map of where the plane is at a certain time.

  1. Type With Just One Hand

On your iPhone keyboard long press the globe/emoji icon and there will appear three other icons: left, normal and right. The left and right options will make the keyboard smaller (3/4 of the regular size) and place it to either left or right of the screen. This way, you will be able to type with one hand, which is great on a bigger phone, such as the iPhone 7 Plus.

  1. Power Button Issues?

Restart your iPhone by going into Settings -> General and go to the bottom of the list where you will find the option ‘Shut Down’ and you will need to ‘Slide To Power Off’.

  1. Better Portraits

If you have an iPhone 7 Plus, then you might have seen that the portrait mode doesn’t get optical image stabilization. But on iOS 11 you can make your pictures look better, because Portrait Mode now works with both flash and HDR!

Other interesting things you can do in the new iOS 11 is to annotate screenshots, scan QR codes – no matter the angles at which they are positioned. There is also the option of drag and drop which works wonders in iOS 11: you can, for example, drag and drop a photo on the Notes app and if you keep holding it, a note will open so that you can drop that photo inside.

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