Volition’s popular open world action game franchise, Saints Row, was launched for the first time back in 2006. Since then the games have become so popular, that fans expect Saint Row 5. The question is, will it happen?

Saint Row: a GTA knock-off?

The game has its fans, but also its critics, who claim it is a cheaper version of Grand Theft Auto. For those who believe so, the answer is not white or black, but rather grey. Volition made a sequel in 2008 and it was definitely a bettered version, allowing players to explore a huge open world and engage in many activities available. At the time, the only other game able to rival Saint Row was GTA IV.

Some preferred GTA for its better story line, while others preferred Saints Row for the open world. Later releases included some exclusive for X-box and some for PC.

Saints Row: the story and making

Saints Row 3 was released in 2011 thanks to collaboration between The Studio and Rockstar. The third game of the franchise included a better story-line and nicer graphics. Unfortunately, the studios went bankrupt and the game’s publishing rights were bought by Deep Silver. (https://www.etutorworld.com)

Saints Row 4

The fourth game released had to compete with GTA V, which was considered the Rockstar’s best. Saints Row 4 was created in two years and it included elements such as mutants, aliens, gangsters and characters with superpowers.

Saints Row 5: has it already happened

It has been already five years since the last Saints Row game and Volition released a new game named Agents of Mayhem. This game is similar in terms of graphics and the action takes place in the same universe as Saints Row. Many have speculated that Agents of Mayhem is actually Saints Row 5, but Volition and Deep Silver did not want to name the game as expected by everyone.

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