Hu Oh became the star of Pokémon Go after he was made available for capture last week. However, it appears that players won’t focus on it anymore since 50 brand new Generation 3 Pokémon will become available in the next update.

Catching Ho-Oh

Hu Oh is currently part of a Raid, and it is pretty difficult to catch him. A group of 20 trainers is needed in this raid in order to be able to catch it. Another challenge is the fact that Hu Oh is only available from November 28 to Tuesday, December 12, while most legendary Pokémon are available for a month.

In the two weeks that are available, you will need to keep an eye on Ho-Oh since it should appear at Gyms in your area. A good thing is the fact that you do not need an EX Raid pass since the Raid is available for everyone.

There are certain Pokémon that can be really helpful in a battle with Hu Oh. Since Ho-Oh is a Flying and Fire type Pokémon you should fight it with Electric, Water or Ground type Pokémon. It appears that rock types are even more effective, so try to use a powerful one such as Golem. Another alternative are Kabutops, Arcanine and Aerodactyl.

50 Generation Pokemon are on their way

The upcoming update will bring 50 new Pokémon from Generation 3’s region Hoenn. There isn’t a full list yet, but names like Salamence, Feebas, Wailor and Swablu have already been confirmed.

It appears that this update will actually take into account the real-life weather patterns. This also means that if it rains in your area it is more likely to see certain types of Pokemon, such as Mudkip.

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