There is good news for Pokémon Go trainers: 50 new Pokémon Gen 3 are now available in the game. According to a post in The Silph Road, there might be many Gen 3 Pokémon trainers should know about.

  • Pokémon Gen 3 water type: a possible launch is the 22nd of December or the 15th of January 2018.

The Gen 3 water types Pokémon could include 26 candidates such as: Lotad, Lombre, Ludicolo, Wingull, Pelipper, Surskit, Wailmer, Barboah, Wailord, Whischash, Corphish, Luvdisc, Crawdaunt, Walrein, Glalie, Clamperl, Huntail, Gorebyss, Relicanth, Sealeo, Spheal, Sharpedo, Carcanha, Milotic, Feebas.

  • Gen 3 Pokémon already released: Ghost types: Slabeye, Banette and others from the Hoenn region.

By the end of the week : Treecko, Torchic, Mudkip, and other Pokemon from the Hoenn region such as Silcoon, Cacoon, Seedot, Zangoose, Seviper, Banette, Duskull, Dusclops, Minun, Plusle, Electrike, Meditite, Slabeye, Poochyena, Swampert, Marshtomp, Mudkip, Kirlia, Ralts, Gardevoir, Shroomish, Absol, Wynaut, Slakoth, Breloom. Over 50 Pokémon in total.

Gen 3 Pokémon which can be hatched from eggs:

  • 2KM Eggs: Wurmple, Zigzagoon, Poochyena, Skitty, Spoink and Gulpin.
  • 5KM Eggs: Torchic, Mudkip, Seedot, Treecko, Shroomich, Mahuhita, Azurill, Wynaut.
  • 10KM Eggs: Ralts and Slakoth.

From Raid Battles: Tier 2 Mawile, Tier 4: Absol and Tier 5: Groudon

Regional exclusive Pokémon Gen 3:

  • Europe, Asia and Australia: Minun and Seviper.
  • Americas and Africa: Plusle and Zangoose.

Legendary Pokémon Gen 3:

From Tier 5 Raid, Groudon.

  • Legendary Titant: Regirock, Regice and Registeel
  • Eon Dueo: Latias and Latios
  • Weather Trio: Kyogre, Groudon and Rayquaza
  • Jirachi
  • Deoxys: normal, attack, defense and speed form

Pokémon Gen 3 babies:

Azurill, baby Marill and Wynaut, baby Wobuffet.

Pokemon Gen 3 evolutioning in Gen 4 babies:

  • Ralts and Kirlia-baby Galade
  • Nosepass-baby Probopass
  • Roselia-baby Roserade
  • Duskull and Duskclops-baby Dusknoir
  • Snorut-baby Froslass.
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