When you buy a mobile phone or tablet, make sure you have the latest version out if you can afford it, because at the rate of hardware improvement new and better versions come out every year. This should come as a good news for everyone, however for those who do not want to spend money on gadgets every two years, the gadget upgrades may be a bit of a disadvantage.

An upgrade in hardware would mean the software has to be upgraded too and developers would be focusing more on the newer hardware, which leaves the old having fewer developers to improve and support it.

Some of the better built Android devices usually last for more than two years especially if the owners have good caring hands. Luckily, you always have the option of installing the older versions of the software for your older Android device. This may not be the safest of options, however it is a good way to make use of your older Android device.

Disadvantages of Refusing to let go of your old Android devices

  1. How great it would be if your gadgets could last a decade without buying a new one? Sadly, due to constant improvements in technology, there will always come a time wherein you will have to decide whether to trade in your favorite gadget for a new and ‘better’ or to get left behind from all the new features that newer gadgets may offer by keeping the old one.
  2. If you choose to keep your old gadgets, just be aware that some of the old apps that you can install on it, even the older version of Google Play Store which is free to download via APK may have already vulnerabilities that hackers and malicious software can take advantage of.

3. Another downside would be that you would find fewer apps that still run on your old Android device. Although some apps you can still download not from Google Play Store, but from other APK sources

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