We have some great news for all you Pokemon Go fans out there! The app received a major update which includes a ton of new features and in-game changes that Pokemon Go fans are going to love. Nonetheless, the update is large measuring in at 89.65MB and it requires a minimum of Android 4.4 KitKat in order to function,

Pokemon Go 0.87.5 APK Update

The new update changes the mobile game’s version number up to “0.87.5” and it introduces a bunch of cool features. Although, before we get to the new features we need to mention that Pokemon Go will also be more stable than ever since this update contains a handful of bug fixes that make sure the game is running smooth.

New Features

  • New Pokemon

The best thing about the new APK is that it introduces 50 additional Pokemon. So if you plan on catching them all, then you better start hunting. In addition, these Pokemon originate from the Hoenn region and their spawn rate is bigger than on normal Pokemon.

  • Real-World Weather Conditions

Another great feature that’s being introduced alongside this new update is real-world weather conditions. The game’s Map View mode will reflect real weather, and this will make it more interesting to catch electric Pokemon while in the rain. This feature is also being implemented in the battle and catching modes.

  • Increased Pokemon Storage

Since this latest update introduced 50 new Pokemon, the Pokemon storage space has also been increased to a maximum of 1,5000.

  • Beta Feature

Pokemon Go players who love testing out the beta edition of the game should be happy to know that there is a new feature that will give them the ability to create battle parties where trainers can fight in 6v6 matches.

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