In the very soon future, It is believed that Chinese’s super makers will drive the cost of lead class Android telephones down low. How much money does it have to cost to do this to Android smartphones? Is it $1000? $800? Nope. It’s $200. Yep.

Where and when?

They just began offering the phone in the North American’s markets in the course of the most recent couple of weeks and it is said that it will present it in different locations, too, for example, South America, starting from 2018.

Here are some features

It includes Huawei’s multi-core HiSilicon 659 SoC, a Full HD+ display, which is also edge to edge and twin back cameras. The battery has 3340mAh that is expected to last throughout the whole day.

It is an intense, alluring phone that would make a perfect gift for a clumsy teenager. We promise you, he will not be ashamed of it. Because he can drop it all day, even from 6 feet and it won’t even have a scratch. The most noticeably harm you’ll likely be able to see on it is the paint that it could go off. And that’s because he probably didn’t dress sit with a cheap, rubber case. Yes. It’s that persistent. It’s even resisting water and dust.

How are they so cheap?

The appropriate response is vertical reconciliation – complete responsibility for production network and not licensing anything to put the whole Bill of Materials (BoM) for this gadget together. Um, they kinda needed to permit the ARM engineering and probably the design, too. However, that is practically it.

What makes it different from the US variant?

The US variant of the Honor 7X additionally does not have different packs of updates, like handsets, 5Ghz 802.11ac WiFi, wireless charging, and the Micro-B connector does not have the possibility to charge it faster. It has 3GB RAM and the cameras don’t have the high quality you might expect. Keep in mind this is a $200 phone.

Is this a fair price?

Considering its strong power of staying intact, is it really supposed to cost only $200? We’re not sure of that. But we’re sure that, considering what the phone presents and its low price, it’s really going to make a difference.

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