This app is a free software from an unknown developer, but it’s not a trusted app. Cyber security experts consider it a PUP. If you have it on your machine and you didn’t install it, it might have gotten inside your machine through bundling, coming attached to freewares.

This app scans your PC at boot and tells you that your drivers updated, asking for updating all drivers to purchase the license key for the full DriverUpdate Plus.

If it annoys you, you can uninstall it but it has more than 5 files that are either scattered throughout the system or are hidden. Plus, it has a driverupdater.exe process that automatically runs and keeps re-enabling itself even if you disable it. This is why users are reporting issues with uninstalling DriverUpdate Plus from the Control Panel or Windows Settings.

To completely get rid of this program you will have to take the following steps.

Uninstall Malware

This app might have installed malware and the program cannot be uninstalled because of them. Scan your PC with a good anti-malware tool.

You can either try using Reimage or Perfect Uninstaller to allow you get rid of unwanted software, files and registries. If you prefer to remove the app manually, then follow the next steps.

End the Process: DriverUpdate Plus

Open Task Manager: ‘Ctrl + Alt + Del’ or Ctrl + Shift + Del’.

Search for ‘DriverUpdate Plus’, right-click on it -> End Task ­-> Close Task Manager

Use Settings or Control Panel to Uninstall the App

DriverUpdate Plus doesn’t have an uninstaller, but the app can be removed through Windows Settings or Control Panel. Here are the steps for manually removing DriverUpdate Plus.

In Windows 10: press ‘Windows’ key + ‘I’ to open Apps. Look for DriverUpdate Plus, click on it -> Uninstall.

Older Windows versions: open Control Panel -> select ‘Programs & Features’.

Find DriverUpdate Plus -> right-click it -> select Uninstall.

Check for remaining files

Open Windows Registry Editor to clean all the remaining files from the unwanted program.

  1. Open File Explorer -> click on ‘View’.
  2. Select Options -> mark ‘Show hidden files, folders, and drives’.
  3. Press ‘Windows’ key + R, write ‘regedit’ -> Enter.
  4. Click on ‘Edit’ -> choose ‘Find Next’.
  5. Write ‘DriverUpdate Plus’ -> click ‘Find Next’.

If there are any files found, before you delete them, check how the location folder is named.

Reboot the PC and check if you have successfully uninstalled DriverUpdate Plus.

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