We all know WhatsApp has become one of the popular messaging app. And it’s understandable, given the fact that it’s used everyday by 1 Billion people, in 180 countries. Yes, it’s a very simple App to use, and because of its speed, everything is easier, too. And you cannot only just send text messages, you can also record audio messages, send contacts, share locations, documents, videos, gifs and photos.

When talking about photos, we talk about 4.5 Billion photos sent per day. 4.5 Billion constrain photos, which leads to quality loss. We’d be hypocrites if we say that they’re doing it for them, they’re doing it for us, to make things run faster for us and to reduce data usage.

But we all want high-quality photos!

And if it weren’t for the smartphone screen, we wouldn’t know the difference. It’s really hard to notice the bad quality from a phone screen. But if you’re looking at it from a computer screen, things are definitely changed – details are not so…detaled anymore.

So this is how to send high quality photos on WhatsApp

First, you got to open the app, open the chat and tap that little paperclip from the corner. After that, tap on document.

Second, after you hit document, all of your files from your phone will appear on your screen. Tap on browse other docs and get to the place where the respective photo is being restored. Just tap Images (swipe right in the file manager) or tap on your phone’s name.

Third, after you tapped on the folder where the picture you want is, find the photo and tap on it. Then press Open, then tap on Send. If there are more pictures that you want to send, press for a not-so-long-but-still-long-enough on one photo and then pick the others.

After you press send, the pictures will be transferred to the other person as documents. It takes a little bit more time, because they are sent in high-quality, but that shouldn’t be a problem. Also, they won’t have a preview anymore. And if saved, you’ll find them in the folder meant for documents, not for pictures.

By checking the file information, you will convince yourself that the photos were actually sent in high quality.

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