Over the years, Honor as a branch of  the Huawei Company made a good living on the marker by offering users affordable devices. 2017 brings a new Honor 7X and compared to the older version let’s see how many improvements bring along.


Giving good results on various tests, Honor chose not to change any of the internal features by keeping the same ones for both devices. They have 32GB or 64GB storage and 3GB/4GB of RAM, the second value is for the international transportation. The storage can be improved by adding a microSD card up until 256GB. It seems that the processor for 7X got an upgrade and Honor borrowed it from Huawei, a 659 Kirin processor, compared to the 655 Kirin in the 6X, which giving more power to the X7. There is not much of a difference but, even if the new version scored 399 in the 3D Mark Sling Shot Extreme benchmark, the device still can act as a rival for Moto G5S Plus or HTC U11 Life, with an only cost of $200. For this stage, the winner is the Honor X7.

More attractive design

The amazing frame of the X6 brings the device on the top attractive smartphones. With a smooth and slim metallic phone, a dual sensor for the camera in the back, it was well received back in January 2017 when it got reviewed. Apple got its inspiration for the iPhoneX’s placement of the camera from the same Honor 6X. The 7X model comes with an even better alternative for the design. With bezel-less and slim edges, this mid-budget device can compete with the premium flagships of the year, the Galaxy S8 or the LG V30.

7X holds a huge LCD display of 5.93-inch, having a 2,160 x 1,080-pixels in an 18:9 format, while 6X is not that bag either. This one has a 5.5-inch LCD display and comes with a 1,920 x 1,080-pixel. Both phones are on the solid side given the metallic body, but this time just the X7 has a Gorilla Glass resistance, plus life-proof at each corner of the phone, giving it shock resistance. The second stage ends with another point for Honor X7.

Camera features

With every phone created, Honor tries to improve the camera for each new item. The 12-megapixels lens from the X6 didn’t feel us bad but, contrary, it had amazing stability and even created a DSLR-style photo creation. It’s great how this feature got upgraded for the X7, and the producers turned the striking camera into a 16-megapixel with ever better focus on low light conditions. As for selfies, the addition of the fun style filters and the 8-megapixel front camera make it a great one to use. The thirst stage is dominated by the good improvements given to X7, again.

Charging style and battery life

X6 and X7 are provided both with the same battery features, 3,320mAh but, we are wondering why Honor didn’t choose to use a USB-C faster charging instead of using MicroUSB style? This round has no winner.

What software lies inside?

Honor gave each phone a EMUI software, belonging to Huawei and there is curious how the X7 did not receive the newest EMUI 5, even the price is for a mid-budget device. It’s known that EMUI 5 is better than the Android’s 7.0 Nougat system, and that is why it was expected to be especially on the X7. Since there is no variation in the internal structure, X7 and X6 present a tie.

Presenting the price

Before buying it, pay attention to some things first. The X6 can be bought from $188 for an unlocked Gray model with 32GB storage and 3 GB of RAMS FROM Amazon, though it seems hard to get on the official HiHonor store. For the international version, be careful since it lacks connectivity to CDMA band and cannot be used on Sprint or Verizon.

As for the X7 you can purchase it after its release, on December 15, starting at $200. Same problem goes for the CDMA too. If you’re considering into choosing a X6 instead of a X7, pay a second thought. There is only a $12 price variation. The latest’s approaching design, widescreen and improved camera is way on top of the X6.

The supreme winner

The X6 already good budget phone was hard to believe it can be surpassed. Even if you still choose the get a X6, you won’t feel the need to get into another. X7 is the supreme winner of this battle and comes with a better processor, a professional camera and attractive design that will definitely go up the top of 2018’s budget phones.

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