Grand Theft Auto 6 remains one of the most anticipated video games of all times, despite the fact that Rockstar has not even confirmed it yet. Four years have passed since the last game in the series was releases, but people continue to buy it. The success of GTA 5 is undeniable so it makes sense that fans are waiting for a sequel.

Right now it appears that Grand Theft Auto 5 continues to remain the priority for Rockstar, especially if we are talking about GTA Online. This should not surprise us too much since the game is very profitable and it wouldn’t be wise to abandon it in order to work on another project.

Singe player content for Grand Theft Auto 5

GTA 6 would represent a new chapter, and Rockstar does not seem ready to move on. Instead, gamers might receive some new content for Grand Theft Auto 5. This is something that has been revealed by Imran Sarwar, the director of design, in a new interview with Game Informer:

“We did not feel single-player expansions were either possible or necessary, but we may well do them for future projects. At Rockstar, we will always have bandwidth issues because we are perfectionists and to make huge complex games takes a lot of time and resources. Not everything is always possible, but we still love single-player open-world games more than anything. I don’t think you could make a game like “GTA 5” if you did not like single-player games and trying to expand their possibilities!”

This declaration also reveals that Rockstar like to take its time when it comes to complex projects, so this might also mean that it will take some time until Grand Theft Auto 6 will finally be announced.

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