We’re not sure of this, but people are getting more and more excited about the idea of GTA 6. They’ve started to make fan-trailers and talk about a possible release date. People started to actually think that this new game will hit the market soon, even if Rockstar Games hasn’t made an official announcement about that.

Here’s what we know

Rockstar Games company it’s not sure itself about what GTA 6 will be like, they’ve got just some main ideas – like the place it will be set and what defines the missions (you know, different missions for different cities.) The story would be a chronological one, as usual, tide together so that missions would have some logic in them. And with just main ideas, there’s no way the game will be out soon, and they also stated that they want to focus more on GTA online for now. So no official announcement, not even for the pre-production.

Is it possible for them to have no ideas whatsoever for this new game?

With this being said, people started to worry that there will be no actual game because of the lack of the ideas. But don’t you worry! Rockstar said that they have about 45 years planned of games so that should not be a problem. They’re not excluding the idea of a new game, they’re just post-poning it because of GTA online. And we cannot be upset about that.

New feature of the game and release date

Rumous has it, GTA 6 will have the entire United States map to enjoy. We’re not certain how that would happen, because of the future gaming hardwares that do no promise too much, but we’re for sure excited about this rumour. Yes, it’s still a rumour, but it’s a high-hopes kind of rumour,

As heard, the game is supposed to hit the market on 2020. Yes, we have to wait that long. But it’s worth it!

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