Another Play Store version has been released by Google for its Android operating system. Google Play Store v8.5.39 brings only a minor updates, such as bug fixes, stable build of the Play Store and even more stability.

Google Play Store v8.5.39

The new Play Store version has around 12.4 MB and it does not add anything new in terms of visuals. Under the hood, some improvements have been made to the mainframe work and developers can enable it using a server-side toggle. This is similar to how Indian users were able to see the apps sizes right next to the app’s icon.

IS the update showing on your device?

The update has just been released by Google and it might take a while until it spreads around the globe. If you have an Android smartphone and wonder when you will be able to get the newest update, then the answer is soon enough.

Google Play Store

Previous to the year of 2012, the digital distribution service was known as Android Market. It is the official app store for the Android operating system (OS). Google Play is a digital media store and it offers music, magazines, television programs and now apps. Some of the operations available through Google Play are Google Play Books, Google Play Games, Google Play Movies & TV, and Google Play Newsstand.

So far Google Play Store has reached over 2.7 million apps. Apart from its success, this Google service also brought may controversies regarding user’s security.

There have been cases of malicious software approved and loaded to the Google Play Store, innocent users downloaded it and security issues appeared.

Google Play Store is used in over 145 countries and it provides apps for Android both free of cost or with a price.

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