The best thing about owning an Android smartphone is receiving access to thousands of premium apps. The official Play Store is filled with a plethora of apps that will make your lives much easier with tools such as the Uber app which gives people the ability to order drivers to take them to their destination and pay for the trip straight through the app.

Android Apps

There are also apps for entertainment such as YouTube which is the world’s largest online video streaming app. Nonetheless, none of this wouldn’t be able without the help of Play Services. ( Most people don’t even know what purpose Play Services serves and there are many other people who delete it from their smartphones and then wonder why nothing works anymore.

Google Play Services for Instant Apps 2.7 APK

The reason why Play Services is making headlines today is because it received a new APK. This APK brings the app’s version number up to 2.7 and it introduces a bunch of bug fixes. While Play Services might not be in charge of any visual features, it does make sure that all apps run as they are supposed to.

With that being said, the role that Play Services serves is to make sure the Android ecosystem runs smooth and that it never malfunctions. Play Services is also responsible for storing valuable user information such as account passwords, private themes and so on.

Bug Fixes

Regarding the bug fixes which are being introduced alongside this new APK, Android fans should be happy to know that their smartphones will be more stable than ever. The new bug fixes take care of some known and highly annoying issues while preventing other apps from crashing at the same time.

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