Buying an Android smartphone such as the latest Pixel 2 or Galaxy S8 is an awesome feeling, especially when considering that they are equipped with the best hardware parts available on the market. However, the thing that makes these smartphones so special is their operating system. As everyone already knows, Google is the company that created and packed Android OS with a plethora of cool features that make our smartphones essential items to our everyday lives.

Google Play Services

There are many key apps which make the Android operating system run smooth as it does, but not all of them are as important as Play Services. The funny thing about this app is that most Android users have no idea what it does and some of them even delete it from their smartphones which causes all apps to malfunction

The reason why Play Services is so important is because its used to update every app. Moreover, Play Services provides other apps with the necessary tools to update themselves without having to stress smartphone owners.

APK 11.9.31 Update

Nonetheless, the reason why we are talking about Play Services today is not only to inform people about its importance but also because a new APK has been recently published. Anyone who owns an Android powered smartphone and who enabled the “Install apps from unknown sources” is eligible to manually download and install the APK.

Although, we need to mention that the only reason why someone might want to download an APK update is to get their hands on the latest features and bug fixes that Google publishes ahead of everyone else. The Android parent always releases APK updates weeks before the update is rolled through official OTA (over the air) channels to the wide public.

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