You might be wondering about the status of Google Finance and why it was removed by its developer. Well, you have come to the right place because here are some updates about the app.

Google Finance was an app that could keep track of your investments with the use of the portfolio feature. However, it has undergone renovation and was made unavailable since November 2017. Thus, it will get some design and functional changes.

The new interface for stock tracking would stay in Google Search, where it will provide a new tab for “Finance” to pop up as a search type. Moreover, the known website would redirect to this interface.

In comparison to Google Finance, you would get historical graphs, stock prices, and news. Nevertheless, some other features of Google Finance might not be included in this transition. The ability to download the historical data and some portfolio features would be included.

In addition, you can still see a “My Stocks” feature to keep you updated of your favorite stocks. However, you can no longer see the current holdings and your transaction history.

Google kept on redesigning its features, including the Google Calendar and Google News. The old Finance site already existed with these sites since 2011. So, it makes Google Finance part of the development.

The said development might have been hampered over the years by Google due to some issues. One of these is the need to draw the interactive stock charts in 2017 via Adobe Flash. However, Chrome has blocked Flash by default, requiring you to enable it every time you want to use it.

The redesigning of the new Finance would seem that Google has regained interest in its Finance section once more. Only a few sites have remained to use the old “red and gray” design, Gmail being the last big one.

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