What is a Remote Desktop App?

A Remote Desktop App is a piece of software that lets you manage any computer offsite. There are tons of these apps out in the market today which will let you find one that has all the specs that you require.

A Remote Desktop App is useful when you want to be able to work on your PC desktop computer or Apple computer even when you are out of the house or office and need to have something done.

These apps will let you easily modify files and documents in your computer using only an ipad. It is very useful if you don’t have the luxury of bringing a laptop or a full computer with you all the time.

The apps are great for light editing and file management on the go. However since the target market of these apps fall within those who already have jobs, you can expect that these apps will cost a little bit more than their free counter parts. If you are an optimist however, paying for something usually means you will getting decent and better service.

The following apps are deemed as one of the best remote desktop apps in the market today:

  1. TeamViewer

This app is arguably the best one in the market, however due to a lot of close competition the best one would be different from user to user. It is compatible with different platforms and has probably an app version for the platform of your choice. It is widely supported and actively updated which means if you stick with them you will be sure to keep on receiving support as technology and software gets updated. The best feature for this Desktop App is that it’s free!

  1. SplashTop Personal

This is the free version of their paid app. However this will do the job for most people, especially if you are the only one who needs access to a particular Windows or Apple computer. This app is so popular that it has made it into the top 25 best-selling app of all time in Apple’s list. This app has dominated in countries like UK, US, Japan, Canada, and Australia. (stellardental.my) And because of the power of this app you will even be able to play PC and Mac games from it.

  1. GoToMyPC

This Desktop app is designed for beginners since you won’t need special configurations to be able to use this app nor special permissions from your computer firewall.

An Amazing feature from this app that made it so popular is that you can zoom in on any of the files you are accessing at 300% which will help you determine any details that may have been obscured due to the size of your mobile device’s screen. It also allows you to multitask, which is great if you need to access multiple files and programs simultaneously.

  1. Screens

Screens is made by a company named Edovia, which is one of those small development companies that started small but have made it big. Their passion for their work is reflected on their seamless remote desktop app which is the Screens.

It features a curtain mode which allows you to obscure the screen of the computer you are accessing in order to allow you more privacy as you do about your work. Screens popularity stems from its extremely ease of use and control over your Apple, Linux, or Windows Desktop Computer.

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