If you are a Windows personal computer user, whether desktop or a laptop, it does not matter you know you will have to use an anti-virus software because being the Operating system with the biggest share of users attracts a lot of malicious hackers who either want to steal from you or just wants to create mischief.

The security issue not only for the Windows operating systems but for both Linux and Macs as well is an ongoing arms race between those who want to intrude other people’s digital space and property from those in the business of providing protection.

Free Antivirus Software vs Premium

There are a lot of security companies out there that provide protection software that protects your Windows machine from outside threat. These companies usually provide bare-bones antivirus software that not only showcases what their products can do, but really do well in providing computer protection. For a lot of users using the free versions from these companies are enough especially if you don’t have a lot of important files in the machine you are installing it in. Meaning you are only using that machine for light browsing and document editing. However if you have a work computer that does a lot online work then you might consider upping the protection to a premium one.

  1. Avast

If you have been working with a computer for some time now you probably have already heard about Avast Free Antivirus Software and for good reason too because even though it is free a lot of review sites give Avast great reviews. In fact, Avast is constantly included in the top lists of great Free Antivirus software. It has a great heuristics engine that can easily detect viruses and malware that are not yet previously known.

  1. Amiti

You probably have not heard about Amiti Antivirus program yet, but don’t let the obscure name fool you. It is one of the best free antivirus software out there because not only that they provide you a decent amount of protection it is also very easy to use. The software includes a feature that helps you quickly delete temporary system files.

  1. Bitdefender

Among the best of the free antivirus software you need to check out if you are trying out which better suits your needs is Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition. And yes there is a premium edition, however don’t write off the free one just yet because a lot of users have good feedback about this antivirus software. It is fairly easy to setup and configure that even if you only know about basic computing you can easily navigate through this software. The software also has a very small footprint in your system so you won’t worry about it slowing down your machine.

There are dozens out there worth a try…

The three anti-virus programs mentioned above are not necessarily the best free software you can get because it all boils down to your own personal needs. The best way to find out which one really works well for you is by trying them out. Go ahead, they’re free!

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