Facebook Lite is an app which helps its users to keep up with their social network. It also saves space on phones, using Facebook in 2G conditions. The classic Facebook features are available: sharing on a Timeline, searching for Facebook users, liking photos and editing your Profile.

Facebook Lite

It is a great app for users on slower Internet connections. There are fewer Facebook features available, but it requires less bandwidth. The first time the feature was introduced was in 2009.

Specific features offered by Facebook Lite are

  • Users can post status updates and use Facebook emoji
  • Users get notified when someone likes and comments their posts
  • Users can save photos and add them to photo albums
  • Users can follow people and look up local businesses
  • Users can share photos and memes
  • Users can find friends and family
  • It is a personal organizer for saving, sharing photos and organizing your storing
  • Users can chose if they want to keep photos private or control who is allowed to view them
  • Users can subscribe to celebrities, brands, websites, sports or anything they are interested in. They will receive News Feeds from them

On the 19th of December the newest version was released: Facebook Lite beta. Improvements were made for reliability and for speed.

After Facebook Lite was released in 2009, the app was operational for eight months. Then, back in 2015 the service was reintroduced and it has a size of less 1MB.


It is a great app for those who have slow internet access on their phones. Facebook Lite works with 2G, it takes less space and it offers Facebook’s most important features. It is also updated constantly.

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