WhatsApp works on multiple platforms: Android, Blackberry, iOS, Symbian and Windows Phone and it even has a web browser version for when you want to use it on PC.

But which Nokia phones can use WhatsApp? There’s some good news and bad news too.

Nokia Asha

If you own a Nokia Asha and your device runs on the operating system Symbian S40, then it supports the WhatsApp version 2.12.95.

Nokia Asha smartphones are known to be low cost devices that come without a GPS feature. Some models come with dual-SIM setup, others don’t, but they all come with a 5MP rear camera and Bluetooth connectivity. The Asha line has been discontinued when Microsoft Mobile took over this line.

Download The Latest Version of WhatsApp

But you can still get the WhatsApp version 2.12.95 for your Asha phone or your Nokia C3. It still is in BETA testing, so if you want a more stable version, you will have to stick to the 2.12.89 build.

The updated BETA version has some bug fixes, it’s smaller in size and has some improvements to translation. You can get it either by visiting the official store or downloading it from whatsapp.com/s40.

Nokia 215 No Longer Supported By WhatsApp

There are many popular messaging apps, but people like WhatsApp. And if you’re one of them, but you own a Nokia 215, then the bad news is that your phone is so old that it no longer supports this app. Both software and hardware are outdated and cannot run the app.

This also happened to some old Blackberry phones. Only a few people own such old phones, so there is no sense in spending time and resources to develop new software for ancient devices.

We’re not saying to get the latest smartphone, as there are many old mid-range phones that can run the program.

A lot of developers are moving on from developing content for very old phones, and it’s the smart decision that keeps them ahead of the game.

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