If you have an older version of Clash of Clans on your Android device, you cannot play it until you get an updated version of it. You can do this by going to Google Play Store and searching for the game and installing it.

Of course, if you can’t get into the Play Store to download it, you’ll need to take another route to download and install it. You’ll need to manually download the CoC updates from a reputable APK file site.

If, for some reason, you have no access to the Google Play Store, you still have the ability to install CoC. You’ll need to download the CoC APK file. Many people with an out-of-date Play Store can download and install the game to enjoy the various features it has to offer.

Clash of Clans strategiesClash of Clans is currently holding events for players to take advantage of – events that let them gain experience and get bonus gems. For example, its Mage Rage event allowed players to use 20 Wizards in a battle as well as troops.

When players had 20 wins, they were given 600XP and 200 Gems. Their Wizards training received a 90 percent discount, allowing players to train more wizards.

CoC is also holding a Hasty Balloons event, which will be similar to the Mage Rage event. However, balloons will be used to attack competing villages, with a 90 percent discounts on Balloons.

You can partake in the fun of Clash of Clans events by getting a copy of the game either through the Play Store or from a reputable APK file source.

Clash of Clans Holding Events For Players To Gain Experience and Gems

Clash of Clans has been loaded with an array of events intended to make the gaming experience exciting. While many players may have begun other games, their CoC accounts are still active. And, this means that many of them are coming back to the game for new Events.

Clash of Clans held the Mage Rage event Nov. 10 to Nov. 13, allowing players to earn 200 gems and 600XP points after they completed 20 wins, using 20 Wizards against other players. For any Rage Spell brewed, players got a 90 percent discount. The discount was available throughout the event.

There are many more Events planned, each one coming after the other is over. The next Event is for Hasty Balloon, which will have similar qualities to the Mage Rage event. When players complete 20 successful attacks, they gain experience points.

If you’ve just returned to the CoC game, you’ll need to update to the game’s latest version – either through the game itself or the Play Store.  You should be notified, upon opening the game, that you need to install the newest version. Your Play Store app should open to the latest file. Any notifications will keep you from playing the game successfully.

Update the game to continue playing it.

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