Amazon first released a smart speaker back in 2014. Everybody was impressed and yet didn’t know the value of the product until other companies started to copy this one. Some years later, Google introduced a competitor, namely Google Home and Apple marked the Apple HomePod to go out on the market.

Echo Plus

Even though the Echo product was updated for the past years, Amazon came with a second smart generation of Echo Plus.

As both are using voice applications, Amazon kept the same amount of seven microphones for both, but the Echo Plus goes slightly better in terms of audio.

It has a 0.8 inch tweeter compared to the previous version handset with 0.6-inch tweeter, individually having a 2.5-inch woofer speaker size.

Even though you can’t tell, someone with a perfect pitch will see the difference!

With regard to the design embraced, it comes in two distinct styles: fabric or solid finished also different colors: charcoal, gray and sandstone – material and oak, walnut or silver for the solid finish. The Echo is shorter and thicker than the Echo Plus, with 88mm in diameter and less heavy. Eco Plus can adapt up to three color options: black, white or a metallic silver, a diameter of 84mm and 235mm taller than the 148mm Echo’s height.

Echo smart speaker

The Echo smart speaker cannot compete with the Echo Plus which can practically command the smart gadgets from home just by asking them to do as Amazon also declares: With the built-in smart home hub, Echo Plus makes connecting to compatible smart home devices easier than ever. Just ask: ‘Alexa, discover my devices’, and Echo Plus will automatically discover and set up compatible smart lights and more without the need for additional hubs, apps or setup.

The result is up to you, whether you want to put your hands on a multifunctional smart speaker around the house, with  £139.99 you can purchase an Echo Plus. In fact, if you feel like the cheaper version is more fitted for your taste just pay £89.99 for the second version of Amazon Echo.


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