When you want to download and install a mobile game or application like Clash Royale, there are three ways to achieve this. The first one is through the mobile game’s official website. Just follow their instructions on how to go about this easily.

The second way is through Google Play Store, which is the easiest and the official way to take if you want to use a mobile app or game. While the third way to install is through the App’s APK. The third way is relatively easy to do but it can pose a few dangers if you are not careful.

Here are some notes to remember when downloading and installing an App’s APK.

  1. Be sure to verify the source

There are a lot of websites that provide you with an ‘authentic’ copy of Clash Royale’s APK. If you are not careful in verifying their credibility, you might end up installing something different, which could harm your mobile device’s integrity.

  1. Installing through APK if updates or apps are still on Alpha or Beta Stages

If a certain update is not yet rolled out officially, one way to get a piece of the pie before everyone else is through APK installation. This is usually the case when there are alpha or beta updates being tested out by the developers. And the only way to be part of the special group to test is when you have a copy of the updated APK.

  1. Even if an App is not available for your country

If supposing an App like Clash Royale is being banned in your country for whatever reason. You can circumvent this minor hurdle by using a free VPN service and downloading an APK of the game. You may have to keep using VPN to play the Clash Royale game since it is an online game.

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