You better start remembering the good ol’ days of Clash Of Clans, because they’re about to reintroduce a precious troop.

We’ve all seen the new trailer with the Ice Wizard in it. You can unlock it after level 5 at Town Hall. Unfortunately, he does not promise new characteristics, as seen last year. He’s basically the same Ice Wizard, with the same stats.

Don’t you remember them?

He attacks on the ground and in air, with its 16 movement speed and 1.5 seconds worth of attack speed, its defence characteristic and a training that costs 1,500 elixir, the level required to build barracks is seven and the range, three tiles.

You get a good news, and you get a good news, everybody gets good news!

The good thing is that this troop prioritizes defenses, his long-rage attacks making him a very good choice when it comes to attack from the other side of the wall, especially if you have some Ice Wizards on one side and on the other you gave Golems or Giants (they’re really hard to destroy). Players have started to spam this new feature so that the existing meta could actually be overpowered, particularly when you bring the Ice Wizard at high levels – you can be sure it will really happen.

The other good thing is that they added Santa’s Surprise spell and it is expected for the  Giant Skeleton troop to return, too. These all are supposed to make their appearance starting from January 3rd, 2018.

Also, Merry Christmas!

A new version of the Clan Games features is about to come out! And that’s even better if you’re part of a clan with 15 members minimum, because you could unlock the huge loot rewards and the magic items that can make the game run faster.

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