Rumor has it Google is dumping Chrome and Android for a new operating system.

Google is taking a shot at an open-source working operating system called Fuchsia.

What we know for sure is that it isn’t based on Linux. Zircon was supposed to be the operating system, but then they realized Fuchsia is good enough to run on any device, from traffic lights to ATMs and desktops.

What is Fuchsia and how Flutter is a big part of this thing

The SDK utilized for creating applications on Fuchsia is Flutter, which is Google’s SDK for having Chrome OS and Android applications.

A designer stated that Fuchsia isn’t a toy, it’s not worth 20%, and it’s definitely not a dead thing we couldn’t care less about.

What about Google?

We additionally know some things about Google. We know, for instance, that Google might want Chrome OS and Android to make a team and work together.

Three and a half years back, Google declared that it has Android’s back when it comes to applications working on Chrome OS gadgets. The capacity, called App Runtime, has been in a sort of beta version since then. In reasonable terms, some obscure number of individuals are running an obscure number of Android applications on Chrome each day.

Eventually, Google propelled a different, unannounced thing called Andromeda, clearly expected to get Chrome OS applications running on Android, and furthermore get Android running on Chromebook-like gadgets.

Andromeda was crossed out the previous summer.

What will Fuchsia look like?

It’s been said by sharp-looked persons that Google’s Pixel Launcher, the new UI for Google telephones and the now-ceased Pixel C tablet, sports UI components are similar to the incipient UI of Fuchsia.

According to rumors, Fuchsia is going to be the replacement for Android Wear, Android and Chrome OS, but apps designed for these platforms will run without problems. It is also assumed that it will solve the problems they have with Chrome OS or Android.

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