GTA Online surely knows how to keep their fans happy, because in their last update – Festive Surprise, San Andreas got a very Christmassy blanket of snow, which is available on PS4, Xbox One and on PC too.

Festive Surprise comes with lots of presents for its users!

They’re giving away 5 free liveries for the Thruster and even a free car for Christmas (the Albany Hermes Muscle Car, Merry Christmas everyone!). It’s also known that they’re putting up for purchase a brand new car at the Southern San Andreas Super Autos. It’s called Benefactor Streiter and it has 4×4 power tied with “sleek aesthetics”. Keep in mind that it’s a sport vechile. It’s been stated that Rockstar will be giving Krampus masks on 24th. Plus the classical holiday clothes and masks can be purchased from the game store.

Get ready to revenge yourself! Now’s the time

You can throw snowballs at people. So trick your enemies into playing it, it’s a great way to get revenge! All you have to do it press left on the d-pad or G for keyboard to pick up a snowball and throw it.

GTA Online’s Premium Stunt Race that exists at the moment is H200, and until Christmas Day, users can enjoy Sawmill as the present Time Trial. After Christmas Day, on December 26th, Sawmill changes to Cypress Flats and H200 to Double Loop. Everyone who takes part in the Premium Races will earn triple the RP, and for the first three to finish there’s a special surprise: a big GTA money reward. The Time Trial, as we know, guarantees a big sum of GTA money and RP bonuses for those users who manage to beat the goal time.

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