Microsoft has definitely several great options for console lovers. Whether we are talking about Xbox One, Xbox One S or Xbox One X, there are plenty of options for all gamers.

Some of the best games for Xbox One are:


Whether we are talking about the super powerful Xbox One X or the slim Xbox One S, this game can be played on all three consoles.

This game is a sequel of Bethesda’s Wolfenstein and players get to fight for freedom. B.J Blazkowicz has to fight and free the country from Nazi occupation with the help of many guns put at his disposal.


This animation game is very exciting for its beautiful details and its difficulty. Impatient gamers might feel like smashing the controller from time to time, but challenges are made for those who enjoy winning. The graphics give those who try the game the feeling they are watching an old-school cartoon. Talk about melancholy!


This game is also known as PUBG and it has been the revelation of 2017 for the gaming world. The version made for the Xbox One console has been described as a little rough by some players, but the game is worth playing. It is thrilling and entertaining.


This game is not for those who get scared easily. The action takes place in an abandoned space inhabited by hostile aliens. The main characters has amnesia and with the help of his superpowers he has to engage in extraterrestrial battles. The game is very creative and it makes players go through plenty of challenges.


This chasing shooter has been released to fix the problems of the original Bungie game. The first person shooter is exciting and it has great reviews. Players have to fight and save the galaxy once more.

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