A lot of people would like to install free software for the premium services they would get. It may seem unfair to the people behind the antivirus software but they offer it for free. Of course, they only offer basic antivirus services for personal or home use. Here are some of the most popular antivirus software that you can use for 2018.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition

It is an amazing piece of software that provides fast antivirus mechanism and a clean interface. The free edition also offers clean, well-constructed, and light scanning mechanisms. This is even faster compared to the average in the industry. However, it has a few flaws particularly when handling zero-day malware. The key features of this app include phishing protection, auto scanning, behavioral analysis, and fast scanning.

Avast Antivirus

The new expanded user base has greatly improved the Avast antivirus suite. After formally acquiring AVG in 2016, Avast says that both antivirus products will still remain separate. This is despite the joint package to be released soon. Due to the expanded user base of 400 million users, the software has a lot more data to be working with. It also has an auto gaming mode that would mute pop-ups and minimize system load.

Sophos Home

If you are using a PC at home without a reliable antivirus, then Sophos is perfect for you. In fact, it does more than your regular antivirus app, which suits to families better. Aside from the anti-malware and antivirus, it also provides some irresistible browser tools such as content control and anti-phishing services. In addition, it has a central management combination that caters to up to 10 PCs. This means that you can completely lock down the browsing options of your children.

Kaspersky Free Antivirus

In the latest round of tests, Kaspersky has once again become the best antivirus solution for Windows PCs. Well, the free software is just the scaled down version of the full version. Thus, it has ditched the added features like the privacy protection and the safe payment sandboxes. This is intended to provide more protection for your computer.

Kaspersky free antivirus has also become easy to use and navigate without affecting the job of keeping your computer protected from known viruses. Moreover, it gives Trojan horses and viruses a hard time to crack and it doesn’t bother you about constant reminders about upgrades to the full version.

Avira Free Antivirus

When it comes to lightweight antivirus, nothing beats Avira Free Antivirus. But it doesn’t mean that you have a low performance antivirus on your side. In fact, it can quash 99.7% of known threats without putting much burden on your PC hardware. It also has a friendly interact, throwing up little false positives. In fact, this was one of the best antivirus software packages in 2017. It has some excellent features, as well, including phishing protection, built-in VP, and system optimization tools.

If you want to own an antivirus software for 2018, but want to try things out first, then you can test an app that would suit your needs.

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