Right now an Apple iPad is at least $329, but next year we might be looking at a cheaper one: a 9.7 inches iPad at $259.

The 2018 iPad 9.7 will either be a replacement or an addition to the 2017 iPad 9.7, which is $329.

Extending Sales to Different Sectors

This decision in giving cheaper devices is aimed at expanding sales to the ‘industrial and service sectors’ who would rather use an iOS device than Android OS tablets. Along with making it cheaper, Apple is said to be outsourcing the production of that device to another company – Compal Electronics. Will this mean a lower build quality and cutting corners? Will the new iPad offer the same Apple quality? We can only wait and see.

While the source that came with the news – reported on Digitimes, say that this might mean Apple will be a competitor to Samsung, Amazon, Huawei or Lenovo, we believe that it’s an unrealistic goal, since the most popular cheap tablet is the $50 Fire, from Amazon.

But for Apple fans out there that are on a budget, the next year’s iPad would definitely be a bargain.

We might see the same design as the current iPad, a better camera sensor, but with lower specs.

When Will The 2018 Apple iPad Be Launched?

We expect it to reach the public in the second quarter of next year. Until then, stay tuned for more iPad news and reviews. So far, neither Apple nor Compal Electronics have given official statements to confirm the report.

However, we think that it might be real, since Apple has been trying to reach more markets and potential buyers that look for affordable and yet good devices. We can only hope that they will have a decent quality, even at that low price.

Would you purchase an iPad for $259, even if its specs or quality build will be average?

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