WhatsApp Web, like WhatsApp app itself, is an extremely popular application. It allows users to see their messages on their computer while they multitask. This is great for people who need to work on their computer to finish a task and want to talk at the same time.

Still, it’s got some flaws to consider. For example, WhatsApp Web sometimes doesn’t work like it’s intended to. Users haven’t always been able to send and receive their messages.

There may be so many reasons why this happens, but usually, it’s a connection issue that’s the culprit. How do you address the problem?

It’s not uncommon for the phone to have problems in sending and receiving messages. In order to find out if your phone is the culprit, here’s what you need to do:

Dealing With Android Phone Connection Issues

If you’re the proud owner of an Android device, here’s what you need to do to address the problem:

  • Look to see what version of the WhatsApp is installed on your phone and see what Google Play has in its Store.
  • Make sure you’ve enabled your data.
  • Restart the router.
  • Turn the Wi-Fi or Airplane off and on.

Dealing With iPhone Connection Issues

  • Turn the Wi-Fi or Airplane Mode off and on.
  • Make sure you have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on your phone.
  • Turn your phone off and restart it.
  • Reset your Network Settings.

Dealing With Computer Connection Issues

If the issue relates to the computer, do the following:

  • Reload the WhatsApp Web page.
  • Log out and back in to restart the web session.
  • Check to ensure your Internet connection is working.
  • Use only the browsers the WhatsApp Web supports such as Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera and Safari.
  • Look to see what browser version you are running.

4 Reasons To Consider Using WhatsApp Web For Yourself

If you’re a user of the popular WhatsApp app on your smartphone, then you probably already know that you can download a version of it for your computer too. It’s called WhatsApp Web.

The web version is an expansion of the smartphone’s app tools that people love to use. While it’s not a standalone software (it still needs a smartphone to use), it’s a worthwhile alternative to people who like to use WhatsApp but also want to surf the Internet or work on their computer.

There are certain situations in which a person is unable to use their cell phone such as a workplace where confidential information is passed.

Bear in mind that whatever you do on your WhatsApp smartphone app is seen with the WhatsApp web. The same goes for the Web version – whatever you do on it, you can see on the smartphone app. This is a great way to read your messages on the phone while on your computer.

Of course, you may be wondering why you should consider using WhatsApp Web over your phone app.

Larger Screen and Keyboard

There is no doubt that your smartphone screen will be much smaller than your laptop or standalone computer screen. It will allow you to read through your messages faster. You’ll also get a bigger keyboard to type in, which is great for people who hate texting on their phones – for whatever reason.

Emoticon Shortcuts

The WhatsApp Web allows you to send emojis and emoticons by way of a shortcut; easier than having to toggle through your phone to find the right one.

Copy Another Person’s Status Faster

WhatsApp doesn’t make it easy to share another person’s status, unlike Twitter and Facebook. With the WhatsApp Web, you can easily copy their status and paste it, using your mouse. You can edit it if you want and give it a bit of a personal touch. If you share another person’s status on Facebook or Twitter, there’s no editing of their status.

Transferring Files, Saving Notes and Sending A Message To Yourself

You can send yourself messages and files by saving the phone’s number and adding yourself as a contact in WhatsApp. Click on the number to send those messages and files – an improved version of Notepad and online journals. You also be able to send small images using the attachment feature offered in WhatsApp messenger.

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