Speculations about the release dates of the next Xbox One X and PS5 have been around the Internet already. In fact, it has been rumored to be released in 2018, which is the closest date so far.

However, others would believe that releasing them next year might be a bit premature, given the performance of their predecessors nowadays. Perhaps when the sales results would slow down a bit, then that is the time to release.

The next version of the Xbox One has even been included in the conversations over the Internet. As a matter of fact, it will be released as Xbox Two, as what enthusiasts have to say. This is because Microsoft would have undoubtedly worked on the next gen tech, but that remains to be confirmed by the company.

Currently, it can’t be denied that Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo has been assessing the future of their gaming consoles and where this would take them. Since the Xbox One X has just been released, perhaps it would be fair to say that Xbox Two will take a bit of a delay before it will be officially released.

Just as the PS5 is teasing a 2020 release date, the Xbox Two will also get some time to be in the market. For now, Sony and Microsoft has been in the forefront of gaming consoles. Likewise, they are both complementing each other rather than competing.

Thus, the release date of both Xbox Two and PlayStation5 will be announced later next year, but it still remains to be confirmed by both companies. In fact, Xbox senior director Albert Penello told reporters that the notion of console releases is constantly changing.

Therefore, there are no confirmations as to whether they are going to release the rumored Xbox Two or not. All will be revealed in the proper time for both Xbox and PlayStation.

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