Xbox One X is almost here and a lot of gamers around the world are waiting for it to arrive. As you might have already noticed, there isn’t much we don’t know about the console. We know about the release date, about its price and all the games that is going to feature. There is also a Scorpio Edition coming along with it and you can also place a pre-order for the Xbox One X.

But what will it happen after the Xbox One X gets launched? Here’s what we think about its future.

Xbox One X Will Replace its Older Xbox One / S Models

Although it comes at great expense, we believe that in the coming year the Xbox One X will take place of the standard old models. The faster Microsoft will lower the price, the faster the selling, of course. But it won’t just come down to the price, it comes down to what exclusive games can it offer.

We’ve see its specs and we know it can handle a lot, but it needs a lot more content to show us how powerful it is, and Microsoft must introduce those exclusive games ASAP.

Xbox One X is Aimed at a Small Market

Even Microsoft has admitted that they are going to sell a lot more Xbox One S this holiday and in the future than selling Xbox One X consoles. However, there is a small market that will want to buy it: the enthusiasts that want to have the best performance, when it comes to gaming.

Xbox One X Stands a Chance Considering Multi-Platform Cross Play

Since Xbox One X has a lot more horsepower than any other console available on the market, it might stand a chance when it comes to games that run on multiple consoles. Adding the cross play on top of it Microsoft will bring the fight in their favor.

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