Communication has been enhanced by technology and nowadays it’s easier than ever to keep in touch with your loved ones. That is the reason why so many messaging apps have emerged. However, this also means that there are many options available and it hard to make a decision.

Today we will help you and we will compare three of the most popular messaging apps: Line and WhatsApp


This app is available for free, for both Android and iOS. Right now, it has over 600 million users from all around the world, which is a really good number.

Line has all the basic functions, such as text messages, voice and video calls. An advantage for Line is that fact that you can also send stickers on group chats. However, not many stickers are available for free, and if you want more than that, then you have to spend Line coins for other stickers and themes.

Also, you are able to add up to 200 people in group calls and it also has a feature named “Timeline” that is similar to the one from Facebook. Line also allows official accounts for artists, news sites and many others.


WhatsApp is also available for free, and it can be considered the most popular chat application. This is already an advantage, since more than half a billion people use it, so that you can communicate with them. WhatsApp only requires an Internet connection and a phone number. The app encrypts all the messages so that you can be sure that no one else is able to access them.

WhatsApp can be used for almost any kind of files, including PDFs, Excel and Word. It works with regular text messages, but also audio messages.

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