There are a lot of tech tools that improve our productivity and even our lives. We get to send messages with pictures and videos or just text, we get to attach documents, get free services such as e-mail, free videos and music and so on. But at what costs? We accept what all these apps offer, as long as we share them personal data in the process.

But WhatsApp is different, it frees the user from their telecommunications operators, as it only requires a Wi-Fi or a data plan to make phone calls, send messages and content.

Share Your Current Location in Real Time with Family or Friends

This feature has been recently enabled in several countries. It basically lets people share their location to friends or family until they reach a certain destination or until they stop sharing it. This is a great feature for people’s safety.

What makes WhatsApp so different from other apps is that it has end-to-end encryption that will not allow WhatsApp messages to be intercepted. Location sharing is also protected by the end-to-end encryption, allowing you to control it as you wish.

Real Time Location Tracking can be found inside the chat by pressing the ‘Attach’ option and tap on ‘Location’. Be sure to enable your phone’s GPS. Under ‘Location’, you will have ‘Share live location’. There you can set the time of sharing, from 15 minutes to more or you can also ‘Stop sharing’ it with a contact or a group.

The real-time location tracking isn’t a new technology. We’ve seen it in Messenger, Telegram, and iMessage. It is also available on the ‘Trusted Contacts’ app, from Google. Even before Google’s app, Samsung and Motorola integrated this feature into their devices with the SOS Service (Samsung) and the Motorola Alert.

Even though the technology is a few years older, WhatsApp is far more popular than the previously mentioned apps, so the news of it having this feature is great, adding more value to the app.

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