Firstly, what is an APK? It is the file format that Android Developers use to install an app or mobile software to your Android Device. It works in a similar way with .exe files.

There are certain scenarios wherein you will have to update or install your WhatsApp messenger via the APK. One such scenario is when you have your Google Play Store and Google Play Services automatic updates disabled.

How to Download the WhatsApp APK?

The first step is to navigate to the following URL:

When you get to this URL you will notice that there are three versions of the WhatsApp Messenger APK. The first option which is for Android devices is what you want to click. The iPhone option points you to iTunes, while the Windows Phone option opens up the Microsoft store. You will also see a link below for two other platforms – the Nokia S40 and BlackBerry.

(The best way to view the different download options is to use the browser of your current mobile device you want to install the app on.)

If you downloaded the APK for the WhatsApp messenger on your computer, you will have to connect your mobile device via USB or Bluetooth to the computer to be able to transfer the APK file.

Once you have the APK file on you device, all you have to do next is to click the APK file and it will automatically get installed.

Installing and updating via APK file is useful if you want to install an app to multiple devices and yet there is no stable Internet connection in the area since you can just pass the APK file around via USB, Bluetooth, or any file-sharing app. Just be careful where you downloaded your APK file from and never download from unknown or scrupulous sites or you might risk having your device corrupted and hacked.

Learn how to download Google PlayStore APK today.

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