Facebook-owned WhastApp has a new version and it brings some exciting new features. Some of the best include the storage search feature, which was previously enabled and a brand new search bar.

New additions and fixes

The newest WhatsApp version allows user control over their broadcast list. There is also an edit function and even the recipient list can be edited. Some utilities might need server-side confirmation to be enabled.

WhatsApp users all over the world can rejoice now knowing that the “Delete for everyone” feature works in most countries, including India. Those who cannot see this option should defiantly do a manual update of their app.

WhatsApp Pay is coming

A new feature will be introduced in the following months. The beta testing should end this month and the final built will be released in December. This feature will allow users to transfer money with very low charged, it will be available 24/7, users do not have to leave WhatsApp chat, it requires one ID and One pass and there is no need of third party apps anymore.

WhatsApp Messenger

The freeware platform for instant messaging has evolved a long way, especially after Facebook bought it. It used to be a platform for instant messaging and voice messages, but know you can make voice and video calls, send files, share location and more. The app was released for the first time in 2009 and in 2015 WhatsApp Web was launched. WhatsApp Web allows a web client to use the app through a web browser. WhatsApp competed with other instant messaging platforms such as Viber, WeChat and Line. The app is so famous worldwide that a journal called it the Skype of phones. Users love WhatsApp for features such as group chats, free calls, offline messages and multimedia.

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