Apple has managed to create a prestigious reputation and it is considered by many the most powerful brand for mobile phones. While, iPhone have numerous advantages, their design is one of their strong points. Their sleek, elegant look is the reason why many customers choose to buy it.

Nevertheless, there was one iPhone that managed to break Apple’s conventions and bring something different. We are talking about iPhone 5c, the revolutionary iPhone that was considered by many the best looking iPhone.

A distinctive design that managed to keep the important characteristics

iPhone 5C came like a mouth of fresh air in an era where most smartphones are starting to look alike. The fact that Apple chose plastic and promoted this decision with confidence represented a bold move that was appreciated by the users.

iPhone 5C was available in 5 striking colors: blue, pink, yellow, green and white, and it was less expensive than the other models.

The current designs are very monotonous

If we compare iPhone 5C with the new models, there is a huge difference. Apple returned to the “trendy” models that can be seen everywhere these days. The low-bezel design appears to be the normal choice, and there aren’t too many options when it comes to colors. For example, iPhone X is available in black and white, and there isn’t a big difference between it and other high-end smartphones.

iPhone 5C remains a unique memory, that probably won’t be replaced again, since its sales were not the best. Looking back at it, it represents an odd model in a line of stereotypical phones. Its design was the last time Apple dared to risk and it would be interesting to see something similar in the close future.

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