Street Fighter is one of the most well-known titles when it comes to fighting games. It managed to remain relevant all these years, and it continues to receive new additions.

For example, the Arcade Edition of Street Fighter should be released in two months and you can expect many new things from it.

The Arcade Edition

As the name suggests, the main addition will be the arcade mode. However, that is not all, there will also be new V-Triggers for all the characters.

For those who are not aware, the V-Trigger is a new mode designed for Street Fighter V. This mode affects characters by putting them into special modes, and each ones has its own improvements. For now, characters can only have one single V-Trigger. With the new edition, every single character should receive new V-Triggers, and this includes the characters from both seasons.

If you are buying the game for the first time you will have access to all characters, new modes and DLCs. If you already have the game you will receive those for free.

The V-Triggers will come in two modes: the Battle mode and the Arcade one. Players should expect plenty of additions, such as new abilities, new mixups and even new combo extenders.

Right now, we do not have many details about the V-Trigger, but as it turns out, before a match begins, the players will be able to choose what is the V-Trigger that they want to use. Additionally, Street Fighter V Arcade Edition will come with a brand new character.

Release date

You should not expect Street Fighter V Arcade Edition until next year, since it will be released on January 16. However, this means that there are only a few months left and you will be able to try a demo version on December 9 and December 10 at PlayStation Experience.

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