Console owners can rejoice because the Sims 4 is finally available for Xbox One and PS4. Those who had no plans for the Holidays can now wonder no more. The life simulator game will allow players to take their sim character to work, choose their area of interest and even get promoted.

Your sim character will start work

Each job will be different and there are many to choose from at the career section of the bottom right part of the UI. Each job will have a schedule the sim character has to adhere to and those who want to be an employee of the month or get a promotion need to work hard and arrive on time. Arriving late will be no big deal if it does not happen too often.

For those interested in checking different career options, your sim character can be your cobia. To navigate through the career section simply select it, highlight the circle on the top left of the window and each time you sim is late the icon will glow yellow.

No Get to Work expansion for consoles yet

For those who are already super excited for being able to make their sim characters work using a console, there are also some bad news. The Get to Work expansion pack is not available for the console Sims 4 variant. However, it will be soon enough and patience is always a virtue. With the extension pack sim players can follow their characters to work.

Expansion packs for The Sims 4

Get to Work is not the only expansion pack available. When the Sims 4 was released back in 2014, many criticized the game for its lack of content. Since then, many expansion packs have been released. The most popular are: Get Together, City Living, Cats & Dogs and game packs such as Dine Out, Outdoor retreat, Vampires etc.

  1. Your article title says “Get to Work expansion available for PS4 and XBOX One” yet your actual article says it’s not available. This is the worst kind of news reporting you could resort to. Luckily I use a third-party add-on that prevents you from getting my “view”. I want to like your site, but if you’re going to purposefully trick people into clicking into articles by using FALSE titles, you’ll never get my view.

    1. Absolutely agree! This is the most dishonest title I’ve EVER clicked on. A clear and obvious lie for views. I will never read another of your articles.

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