Smartphones such as iPhone X, Pixel 2 XL and Galaxy Note 8 are ruling the market right now. However, these devices are worth nearly $1,000 each and not everyone is able to afford them. Luckily, there are numerous alternatives which are more affordable. Take for example Samsung’s Galaxy J5 Prime and Galaxy J5 (2016). These two reliable smartphones offer premium hardware specs at affordable prices.

Today we are going to pin Galaxy J5 Prime and Galaxy J5 (2016) against each other and see which one deserves our attention the most. The comparison is going to be focused on the things that matter the most, display technology and hardware power.

Display Technology

Galaxy J5 Prime is equipped with a 5.0-inches screen that features a 69.4% screen to body ratio. The display uses PLS TFT technology and it offers a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels alongside a 16:9 ratio. Also, the screen is coated in Corning Gorilla Glass for increased resistance.

On the other hand, Galaxy J5 (2016) ships with a slightly larger 5.2-inches panel that features a higher screen to body ratio of 70.7%. The technology used by this display is Super AMOLED and it offers a resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels.

Hardware Power

Samsung is renowned for taking matters into its own hands when it comes to hardware performance and therefore, Galaxy J5 Prime is fueled by Samsung’s own-made Exynos 7570. This quad-core processor clocks at 1.4GHz and it is coupled with 2GB of RAM. Galaxy J5 (2016) is slightly less powerful because it packs a Snapdragon 410 CPU that clocks at 1.2GHz and that’s paired with 2GB of RAM under its hood.

Final Words

As we can all see, Galaxy J5 (2016) has the upper hand when it comes to display with its larger panel and Super AMOLED technology, but Galaxy J5 Prime takes the lead in terms of hardware power. Therefore, these two devices come out as close equals in this brief comparison.

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