Pokémon has come a long way. In all these years it managed to remain relevant and it continues to attract plenty of fans. The success of Pokémon Go was just another proof that Pokémon will remain a timeless thing that is beloved by every generation.

Right now, Pokémon enthusiasts are waiting for its arrival on Switch. Here are some things that we wish to see next year.

Being involved in the battles

Right now, Pokémon battles have begun to allow players to make more decisions. However, there is room for improvement. Many players would like to receive some additions that make battle more interesting. For example, certain unscripted events could happen mid-battle.

Multiple save files

Until now, Pokémon games don’t allow players to multiple save files. However, this would be a great improvement that would allow players to re-explore the world, without losing progress in the main game. Additionally, the feature could be used by family members that share the same device, and it could allow brothers to play different games.

Have all 802 Pokémon

Yes, 802 sounds like a big number, but imagine what a challenge it would be to try to catch them all. This might sound like a tough request, but technology has certainly evolved a lot so it wouldn’t really be impossible.

Customizable trainers

Sun & Moon managed to come with some customization options, but they are not enough by far. Having an avatar that can be easily customized any way we want would represent a major improvement and it will allow players to feel more involved in the game. (https://www.napavalley.com/)

And why stop there? It would be nice to see some distinguishable signs for our Pokémon as well. It shouldn’t be difficult to include some scars or aging signs.

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