The famous Pokémon resembling a peacock is available in Pokémon Go until the 12th of December and there is not much time left to catch and defeat it. The good part for trainers is that the Ho-Oh appears in regular raids, not in EX raids.

Learn tricks to get your hands on a Ho-Oh

Experienced Trainers swear by these supreme counters to defeat the Ho-Oh:

  • Raikou with Thunder Shock and Wild Charge
  • Omastar with Rock Throw/Water Gun and Rock Slide/Rock Blast/Hydro Pump
  • Zapdos with Charge Beam and Thunder Bolt
  • Golem with Rock Throw and Stone Edge/Rock Blast

Other useful tips:

Trainers who encounter a Ho-Oh with Steel Wing and Solar Beam are advised to use Raikou with TS/Wild Charge, Lugia, Zapdos with Thunderbolt or Dragonite with DB/Outrage. Those who want can also use Gyarados with Bite/HP.

A team of six can be enough for Trainers to beat Ho-Oh, provided they have powerful Pokémon. Ho-Oh with solar beam is even more difficult to beat and it is need more than six Trainers.

Reddit users appear to agree that Dragonite and Raikos can power up to fight Ho-Oh. Good counters are also Tyranitarwith Bite and Stone Edge,Vaporeonwith Water Gun and Hydro Pump/Aqua Tail, Dragonitewith Dragon Tail/Dragon Breath and Outrage/Dragon Claw/Hurricane and Gyaradoswith Bite/Dragon Breath/Dragon Tail and Hydro Pump.


Pokémon fighting against Ho-Oh must be at least Level 30+. Trainers unsure of their Pokemon levels can use any IV calculator. There are plenty of apps for smartphones to helpt them, such as Calcy IV (Android) or Poke Genie (iOS).

The Ho-Oh Pokémon can be easily recognized, it is powerful and its feathers are usually gold and red. It also has green stripes around its neck and a yellow beak with red eyes. (

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