Google Maps managed to capture almost every place on Earth. From big cities to remote neighborhoods, the app captured it all. Obviously, it is hard to go to all these locations and get the perfect pictures, many times people appear and in some occasions, they managed to make the view more interesting.

This is the case for a picture take in South Africa in August 2010. The image managed to spark a controversy on the Internet that lasts to this day, and no one came with a final answer for it.

The mysterious man

The picture shows an isolated road that goes through a field, and running along it, a man that is wearing an orange jumpsuit. His clothes made people immediately believe that he looked like an inmate.

It is pretty hard to believe that the Google Camera would just pass next to a man that escaped from prison, but this did not stop anyone from speculating about this image.

The image went viral

Everyone shared this image and it quickly became very popular. Plenty of theories appeared and most of them were posted on Reddit. According to many, orange jumpsuits are something usual for municipal workers. “I live in SA and it seems more like some kind of worker to me. If you zoom out you can see it’s a mining area called Carletonville. The CWF probably stands for “Carletonville Working Force” or something along those lines,” wrote one user.

While this theory seems more rational, the mystery is still there. No one managed to come with a final conclusion. The users continue to debate whether that man was an escaped convict making its way to freedom, or just a local worker from South Africa.

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